Summer months are a period of relaxation in the warm rays of the sun and cold drinks, but above all – they should be a time free of worries. Unfortunately, all kinds of insects are constantly trying to nullify our plans. With positive temperatures, mosquitoes, wasps, flies, as well as ticks or midges appear almost immediately. Most of them are less, but some are more dangerous for a person. In any case, however, adequate protection against bites is most advisable.

Let’s not let them go!

Prevention better than treatment, right? Therefore, it is worth taking care that annoying insects do not even want to approach us. This is an integral part of longer walks or ordinary spending time in nature, which is what summer sun rays encourage. In this case, always carry a spray or repellent liquid with you. They contain substances with an unpleasant smell for insects, thanks to which they create an invisible barrier on the skin, which no uninvited guest will not want to break.

The case is a little more complicated if we decide to go to the forest. It is there that more dangers lurk on us, including, above all, tick attacks. Then the most effective turn out to be preparations with a stronger action, containing additional active substances. It is worth noting whether the product composition includes DEET, the presence of which guarantees full protection even in difficult climatic conditions.

However, if your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, make sure that the preparation is additionally enriched with a soothing panthenol. It is enough to apply it only directly to the clothes, and in case of contact with the skin, you do not need to worry about a possible allergic reaction. This type of product can be preventively always carried with you – of course, in its handy, miniature version.

Did he bite? Act instantly

Often we do not even manage to prepare properly, and somewhere on the body there is a trace of a bite. In this situation, if a local reaction has occurred, the external preparation should be used as soon as possible. We are talking about all kinds of ointments or soothing creams here. Their action reduces the resulting edema resulting from a bite and reduces itching and burning. This type of product should contain menthol in its composition, which immediately cools the irritated place on the body. If the cream additionally firms and moisturizes the epidermis, as well as not staining clothes, then the best solution at the moment when the insect has already attacked.

Children need more

Proper protection of the delicate skin of the youngest is a more complex issue. For children, care must be taken to ensure that the product is safe and created with them in mind. The effect of repellents should persist for at least several hours. However, if a bite is already applied, the soothing creams for use directly on the baby’s skin must be gentle and have additional regenerating properties. It is also important that they are universal and work for any type of bite.

Summer is not only a time of freedom and relaxation, but also (unwillingly) a period of increased caution. Insects also show the greatest activity, they are not only bothersome, but can be dangerous at the same time, especially for allergy sufferers. Let’s remember it, but let’s not let it interfere with the summer wars.