Unfortunately, mosquitoes can be a real nuisance not only in nature. These insects even enter apartments located high in blocks. In warm rooms they look for m.in. shelter from rain, which is why they especially often fly through our windows during the storm season.

Fortunately, there are many methods of effective fight against mosquitoes also inside. Some of them are homemade and simple ways, but they never guarantee total effectiveness. If the problem of the presence of insects in the house worsens, it may not be enough to solve it. Therefore, we will propose several alternative tactics that will certainly help in winning this uneven battle with mosquitoes.


Intense fragrances

Female mosquitoes can sense a lot, which helps them to find ideal individuals, from which they then draw blood. They feel perfectly exhaled with air carbon dioxide or lactic acid secreted during sweating.
The smell therefore acts on mosquitoes extremely luring, but thanks to such an intense feeling, these insects at the same time do not tolerate many aromas. They are irritated by the smell of fresh mint, lavender or basil. These plants can therefore be planted in pots and placed as close as possible to the window. Not for everyone, however, such a solution is convenient. All kinds of essential oils are an alternative. Especially important is to avoid sweet and floral smells. The essences of cinnamon, eucalyptus, pine, anise or cloves are effective.

In defense against mosquitoes, incense and fragrance diffusers can be a good ally. It is best to place them directly in the room where insects are seen most often. However, if someone wants to save the maximum time and cost, they can try to replace all of the above products… half-cut onions. This vegetable not only brings people to tears, but also, by its outlier properties, provides for mosquitoes an in-a-pass barrier.


Mosquito nets

One of the more effective ways to protect your home or apartment from mosquitoes is to install mosquito nets. They are so popular mainly because of the ease of installation and the ability to adjust the grid to any dimensions of the window. It is enough to properly cut it and mount it to the window frame with self-adhesive velcro.
Mosquito net is a mechanical barrier not only for mosquitoes, but also for other disruptive insects. This is a simple and fast method, so unfortunately you have to pay a little more for it. However, if the appearance of the grid and the mere fact of having an additional “curtain” in the window are not a problem, then the mosquito net is the ideal solution.



For strictly home use, however, the most suitable devices are both effective and aesthetic. The fight against mosquitoes does not have to be visible to the naked eye. The answer to the above needs are electrofumigators – small electrical appliances, which you only need to put into contact with. They are supplemented with a cartridge containing a special liquid. It provides protection from insects up to tens of nights. During the operation of the electrofumigator does not give off any odor – it is imperceptible to humans.



These devices secrete an insecticide substance that eliminates the problem of the presence of mosquitoes in living quarters. Even wide-open windows have no effect on their operation.


Environmentally friendly electrofumigators

Some electrofumigators can act as ecological mosquito repellents. The liquids used in them contain natural essential oils – lavender, lemon and eucalyptus. Created on the basis of citronella, and therefore harmless to the environment, they also protect against insects even for several dozen nights.

Home garden party

Warm summer evenings invite you to spend time with friends outdoors. A nice meeting at the barbecue is a perfect idea. Unfortunately, it is associated with the embarrassing presence of mosquitoes for everyone. Such a situation requires effective solutions with immediate action. Spirals in the form of incense are ideal for fighting mosquitoes and midges. They do not broke, do not get their hands dirty during their lining, but above all they can burn up to seven hours. They can be placed in any way – by applying them to a bottle standing on a table or using a metal support.

Methods for getting rid of the house of troublesome mosquitoes is really many. Most of them are a guarantee that insects will not return so quickly. In each case, however, effectiveness and speed matter most of all.