The statement that cockroaches and prusaki arouse disgust above all is nothing new or revealing. This is, of course, true, but unfortunately it is not the worst fact associated with the presence of these insects in the house. They can harm not only the stocks of food stored in living quarters, but above all they carry bacteria and pathogenic parasites, dangerous to man. Cockroaches and prussians multiply at an alarming rate, which is why fast and effective intervention is so important.

Eco-friendly alternative

Keeping the house clean, regularly cleaning it – these are the easiest ways to make disgusting insects have no reason to visit us. However, not everything can be predicted, and cockroaches and prussians can come to us by accident, for example, from the outside. If we notice any signs of their existence in our environment, it is worth starting to combat them by setting ecological traps. The luring tablet placed in them quickly picks up pests. In addition, it is safe for humans and pets. Cockroaches and prusaki, tempted by the smell, stick to the adhesive surface, which allows regular control of the effectiveness of the product.

Classic ways

In some situations, however, traps may not be enough. This is a sign that you should reach for means a little less discreet, but stronger. Powder for cockroaches and prusaki seems to be a very classic solution, but not obsolete. Innovative preparations in a loose form have in their composition a natural active substance, which is decomposed. They are therefore primarily intended for internal use.

Or something universal?

The problem with the exact diagnosis of a burdensome pest does not mean that the fight against it will be long-lasting and much more difficult. Fast intervention is, after all, the basis. In this case, it is necessary to reach for universal means that eliminate any type of insect. Depending on your personal preferences, you can opt for a preparation in the form of a plate or a liquid in a package with an atomizer. These types of products are mainly used as ad hoc protection, in other words, when we expect them to work very quickly or even immediately.

However, it should be remembered that if after many attempts the presence of cockroaches or prussians is still noticeable, it remains to report the problem to the disinsection company. It is not worth risking and fearing for the further spread of the pest scourge.