VACO STRONG 50 Płyn na kleszcze, komary i meszki DEET 50% + Geraniol

VACO STRONG 50 Liquid against ticks, mosquitoes and black flies DEET 50% + Geraniol

VACO STRONG 50 Płyn na kleszcze, komary i meszki DEET 50% + Geraniol

Extremely effective repelling liquid against mosquitoes, ticks and black flies with a high concentration of the chemical compound DEET 50%. Creates a strong protective barrier against insects, effective for up to 8 hours after a single application.

capacity 80 ml
collective packaging 12





Are you looking for an effective remedy for mosquitoes and ticks? You are in the right place!

VACO STRONG 50 is an extremely effective liquid against mosquitoes, ticks and black flies. Due to the high content of the chemical compound DEET 50% * and the addition of Geraniol, it creates a strong protective barrier against insects. It works up to 8 hours after a single application.

DEET is an active ingredient with proven insect repellent properties. It protects against unpleasant bites, thus preventing you from contracting diseases transmitted by insects.

Contrary to most preparations for mosquitoes and ticks, VACO STRONG50 has an extremely pleasant, elegant fragrance.

VACO STRONG liquid is the most effective protection against ticks and mosquitoes, especially recommended for people who are active and spend a lot of time outdoors. Indispensable for anglers, foresters, hunters, travelers and people practicing sports in parks and forests.

The product is intended for use on the skin.


  • the strongest protection against ticks, mosquitoes and flies,
  • high concentration of insect repellent – DEET 50%,
  • has a long-lasting effect up to 8 hours,
  • prevents bites,
  • is extremely efficient,
  • has a pleasant smell,
  • convenient dosing with an atomizer.

CONTAINS: N, N-Diethyl-3-meta-toluamide / DEET incl .: 50g / 100g; Geraniol incl .: 0.1g / 100g

* tests confirm that the concentration of DEET above 50% does not extend the duration of action.

The liquid against mosquitoes and ticks VACO STRONG 50 is safe for natural fabrics. Do not use on synthetic and leather materials. Do not use on plastic, varnished, painted surfaces, jewelery and watches.

Spray with the preparation evenly unseated, exposed to contact with insects body parts from a distance of 15-20 cm. The preparation can be smeared with your hand. In the case of application to the face and neck, apply the preparation indirectly – spray it on the hand and then gently massage it in. Do not apply to damaged or irritated skin and mucous membranes. Wash your hands thoroughly after completing the application. Environmental factors and skin sweating may affect the effectiveness of the product.
Avoid direct inhalation of the sprayed product or spraying the product on the eyes. In rare cases, the product may cause skin irritation. Due to the high concentration of DEET in the preparation, do not apply the product to plastic (e.g. glasses, watches, cameras, cameras, etc.), synthetic fabrics, including the so-called breathable, Goretex etc. and painted and varnished surfaces. To be used once a day by adults.

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