VACO Spray for running and flying insects MAX

VACO Spray for running and flying insects MAX

VACO Spray for running and flying insects MAX
  • Express effect
  • protection of rooms against insects
  • pleasant smell
capacity 300 ml
collective packaging 12

Spray MAX immediately combats all running and flying insects. Ready-to-use aerosol allows you to get rid of insects and protect rooms from them. Creates a protective barrier at the point of application, protecting interiors from the migration of arachnids, cockroaches, ants and other unwanted insects in the home. The preparation has a pleasant fragrance. Does not stain walls or leave streaks.


Opakowanie posiada wygodny atomizer, który umożliwia aplikację produktu tam, gdzie jest potrzebny.

The room in which the treatment is to be carried out should be properly prepared: animals should be removed, aquaria and terrariums, foodstuffs and all everyday objects should be secured. Shake before use. The treatment should be carried out starting from the furthest part of the room, moving back towards the exit.

Control of flying insects: spray the entire space of the room, spraying at a minimum distance of 1 m from the surface of walls and furniture. Do not use on wallpaper. The spraying time for a room with a volume of 30 m3 should be no more than 7-10 seconds.

Control of running insects: spray away from the face, spray from a distance of approx. 30 cm nesting places for insects (around lower parts of walls, cracks, crevices, around central heating pipes, water pipes, etc.). The spraying time for an area of approximately 2 m should be about 30 seconds.
Once the treatment is complete, leave the room closed for 1-2 hours, then ventilate carefully for about 1 hour.

Avoid direct contact with the product. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Wash hands with soap and water after treatment. Keep the product away from foodstuffs.

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