VACO Płyn na owady biegające
EAN 5907596406214

VACO Liquid for running and flying insects

VACO Płyn na owady biegające

Universal liquid eliminating different types of insects.

– wide spectrum of action

– lemon fragrance

– immediate action

capacity 500 ml
collective packaging 12 pcs.





The product is characterized by a wide spectrum of action. Eliminates different types of insects.

VACO Liquid for running and flying insects has a pleasant lemon smell and does not leave stains after drying. It works immediately after application, and the effect is long-lasting – it lasts up to four weeks. The product has a handy packaging with an atomizer for easy dosing.

The agent also works perfectly outdoors. It can be used as an ad hoc protection in the event of an emergency occurrence of various types of pests.

CONTAINS: permethrin 0.25

– Use on:

  • glass and wooden surfaces – 500 ml per 50 m2 or 10 ml per 1 m2 (ten spray presses)
  • concrete surfaces – 500 ml per 30 m2 or 15 ml per 1 m2 (twelve spray clamps)


Repeat the procedure every two or three weeks, possibly each time after cleaning, for lasting protection.

– After spraying, exit and leave the room closed for approx. 10 minutes. Hour.

– Wind the room for approx. 10 minutes. 15 min

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