elektrofumigator na komary

VACO KIDS Electro Plug + Liquid Mosquito Repellent for Children (30 nights)

elektrofumigator na komary

Electrofumigator with insecticide fluid designed to fight mosquitoes indoors. It works effectively, ensuring a peaceful and safe sleep. Odorless product. The set includes a device (plug) and a mosquito repellent.

capacity 30 ml
collective packaging 12



Electrofumigator with insecticide fluid is a product designed to fight mosquitoes indoors (including children’s rooms). Tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of the youngest. It works effectively, ensuring your child a peaceful and safe sleep. Odorless product – does not emit an unpleasant odor that could hinder falling asleep. Works up to 30 nights, even with windows open and lights on.

The kit includes an electrofumigator (mosquito plug) and an odorless insecticide liquid.

The insecticide starts working 20 minutes after the device is plugged in. The full killing effect occurs after 90 minutes.


  • fragrance-free – does not irritate sensitive noses,
  • starts working 20 minutes after connection,
  • effectively fights insects,
  • prevents bites,
  • ensures a peaceful and safe sleep,
  • easy to use,
  • works up to 30 nights,
  • works with open windows and lights on.

Active substance: pralethrin – 1.2g / 100g

Remove the VACO fluid, unscrew the securing device and screw the replacement fluid into the electrofumigator. The container must be upright. Connect to a 230V mains socket. When placed in the socket, it causes the VACO liquid to evaporate with the active substance, protecting the room against insects throughout the night. When the fluid is exhausted, it must be replaced after switching off the device. Unplug the electrofumigator after each use. The agent starts working 20 minutes after connecting to the electricity. The full kill effect occurs after 90 minutes. After disconnecting from the power supply, the bottle with the insecticide should be secured again. Use in a room of 8-15m². The electrofumigator can only be connected to the power supply for a long time with the window open / well ventilated room. Not closer than 0.5 m from curtains or other flammable materials.

IMPORTANT: Always use and store device and VACO replacement fluid in an upright position. Do not cover the electrofumigator during its use. The long-lasting effect of the evaporating substance ensures protection of the rooms during the day and throughout the night. It also works effectively with the windows open. Do not use in the presence of sensitive people; young children, allergy sufferers and the sick. Avoid skin and eye contamination. Use protective gloves for long-term contact with the product.

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