ECO Trap for food and clothing moths (2 in1) 2 pcs.
EAN 5901821957656

ECO Trap for food moths 2 pcs.

ECO Trap for food and clothing moths (2 in1) 2 pcs.

A pheromone-based product that lures moles and holds them on the adhesive surface.

– eliminates pests in cabinets

– odorless

– does not contain harmful biocidal substances

quantity in package 2 pcs.
collective packaging 12 pcs.





The product effectively eliminates pests in kitchen cabinets, pantry and other places of food storage.

ECO Kitchen moth trap uses the action of a pheromone, thanks to which the reproductive cycle of the food moth is interrupted. The product is odorless and does not contain biocidal substances, therefore it can be used near food.

The trap is completely safe for all family members, including pets. It works up to six weeks from the moment it is spread, causing the insects to catch immediately on an area of 50m2.

– Spread the trap and remove the leaf of the security paper with the luring and sticking surface.

– Form a trap into the form shown in the diagram below.

– Place the trap guided by the principle that for its optimal operation, an adequate air circulation is required.

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