EAN 5901821957472

ECO Spray for martens, foxes, voles, wild boars, moles

Spray discourages animals from staying in the application areas.

– contains natural plant extracts

– protects plants from biting

– biodegradable

capacity 300 ml
collective packaging 12 pcs.





The product has a wide spectrum of action, and its recipe contains only natural plant extracts. Spray discourages animals from staying in application areas such as attics, utility rooms, gardens, cemeteries, parks or sports facilities.

ECO Spray for martens, foxes, voles, wild boars, moles protects plants from gnawing and protects the garden from pests. Thanks to him, the animals will not even gnaw through car cables. In rainless weather, the agent acts for twelve weeks. Rainy seasons can reduce this time to eight weeks. The spray is effective even with economical use and protects up to 4m2 of surface area.

The aerosol is intended for use indoors and in open areas. Biodegradable.

CONTAINS: field mint oil, menthol

– Shake before use.

– Completely spray the places you want to protect against the harmful effects of animals.


If the electric cables are biting, spray a piece of cloth and place or tie it around the cables.

If moles or voles occur, soak up the pieces of sponge (tampons) and place them in the formed individual mounds in the ground. Seal them so that the smell spreads inside the underground corridors.

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