ECO Trap for food and clothing moths (2 in1) 2 pcs.

ECO Trap for food and clothing moths (2 in1) 2 pcs.

ECO Trap for food and clothing moths (2 in1) 2 pcs.

The first pheromone trap on the Polish market for both species of moths.

  • does not contain biocidal substances harmful to health
  • completely safe for humans and pets
  • effective and aesthetic
quantity in package 2
collective packaging 12
display 2 pcs.





The ECO Food and Clothes Moth Trap is one of the most effective products with an excellent reputation on the market. The product is excellent for trapping pests in the form of all species of moths – both food and clothes moths, so you don’t have to recognise them to start fighting them effectively and get rid of them once and for all.

ECO Trap belongs to the group of pheromone preparations and works on a very simple principle – it effectively attracts insects and thus attracts them to a sticky surface. It is completely safe for children and pets and does not contain biocidal substances in its composition. It can be used wherever moths have been observed, without worrying about the health of family members and pets. It works for up to six months after spacing, making it a very efficient eco-friendly product, made entirely of paper, which only needs to be applied twice a year in the event of an acute problem.

  • based on the action of a moth-attracting pheromone
  • works for up to 6 months
  • safe for children and pets
  • free of strong chemicals and biocides
  • discreet and aesthetic
  • odourless

Biocidal products should be used with precaution. Read the label and product information before each use.

  1. Unfold the trap and remove the leaf of paper protecting the baiting and sticking surface.
  2. Form the trap by folding and joining the top leaves together.

– Place the product where you want it.


Do not place the trap near ventilation holes, open windows and radiators.

– Throw a trap filled with insects in a chute or trash can.



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