ECO Fly Stick – Fly Trap

ECO Fly Stick – Fly Trap

ECO Fly Stick – Fly Trap

Modern monitoring trap in the form of a adhesive trap stick.

  • non-drying formula
  • aesthetic design
  • does not contain insecticides
quantity in package 1
collective packaging 12





Flies are everyone’s bane, especially in summer. There are many ways to combat them, but one of the most effective is the Fly Stick, which is a special fly trap in the form of a tube coated with a special adhesive that can be hung or placed anywhere. It is the perfect solution for different types of premises, especially where we store and prepare food. The glue, which is applied to the tube, has a non-drying formula, so the trap is effective until it has already run out of space for further insects. Then simply dispose of it in the mixed waste and hang up a new one.

Are you looking for an effective way to get rid of flying insects that disturb your peace and comfort in everyday life? Order a modern fly trap today that is perfect for trapping flies as well as constantly monitoring their presence. VACO‘s ECO Fly Stick is a proven solution in the form of a yellow tube coated with a special adhesive with a non-drying formula.

The great advantages of the presented trap are the innovative biocidal-free composition, the aesthetic appearance and the possibility of using it in any room by hanging it or placing it on a flat surface. This solution is particularly suited to areas where food is prepared and stored. It is the number one product in the US market and therefore an excellent investment.

Biocidal products should be used with precaution. Read the label and product information before each use.

– Carefully break the front of the package according to the perforation line.

– Lep can be hung with the included plastic hook or placed vertically or horizontally at the site of the accumulation of insects.


Do not place the trap in sunny and damp places. Do not hang directly over food. Use out of reach of humans and animals. Protect from children. If the skin is soiled with glue, wash it off with warm water and soap. Treat used sticks as municipal waste.

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