EAN 5907596406771

ECO Flat glue trap for flies 1 pc.

Flat fly stick with floral print.

  • UV-resistant adhesive
  • graphic design masks caught insects
  • does not contain active chemicals
quantity in package 1 pc.
display 100 pcs.





Flat fly stick with floral print. The product is used to catch flies and monitor their presence by catching.

ECO Lep for flies does not contain active chemicals. It is a friendly form of protection against flying insects. The product is covered with UV-resistant adhesive, which effectively lures and retains pests.

Attractive graphic design masks caught insects, and by the way can be a decorative element of the premises.

– Remove the adhesive from the package and remove the adhesive surface.

– Place the product in the right place.


Do not hang the lepu directly over the food. Protect from children. Treat used sticks like municipal waste.

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