VACO Spray na owady latające
EAN 5907596406191

VACO Spray for flying insects

VACO Spray na owady latające

Product for the control of flying insects, eg. in living quarters and public utilities.

  • high efficiency
  • contains highly active substances
capacity 300 ml
quantity in package 1 sz
collective packaging 12 pcs.

Duration of action:
up to 2 hours

Works after 10 minutes


MAX MUCHY is used to combat flies and other insects flying in living quarters and public areas.

– pleasant lemon fragrance

– does not leave stains or stains

– effectiveness after 10 min. from the application

Close the doors and windows in the room where disinfestation is to be carried out.
Shake the packaging with the preparation.
Spray spray directed to places of accumulation and residence of insects. Spraying of the preparation begin from the farthest part of it, going back to the exit.
The spraying time of the room approx. 10 000 m. 50 m3 (20 m2 of surface area) should be approx. 100 m3. 5 seconds.
After disinsection, exits and leave the room closed for about 10 minutes. 1 hour, then ventilate thoroughly.

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